Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shanti time

How many times have I thought about trying Shanti, only to wuss out, thinking it was too far away when there are so many good restaurants just a stone’s throw away from home? This past weekend, we boldly headed all the way to the ULB area for a quiet dinner at this vegetarian (really pescetarian) restaurant.

The d├ęcor definitely deserves a comment: fresh blue walls, plants and candles everywhere. It’s eclectic and comfortable and really has a lovely ambiance.

I stayed veggie, starting with a truly delicious salad topped with melty chevre. The dressing balanced out the flavors well, and things were off to a good start. Gidon opted for fish patties that were crispy and satisfying.

We switched gears to Indian for our mains. The vegetarian version for me – dahl, mixed vegetables, rice, raita, chutney, a papadum, and a deep fried banana. The last point seemed out of place but I’m no expert on Indian banana consumption; as for the rest it was a nice Indian concoction but next time I will probably leave the Indian food for specialty Indian restaurants and try something different chez Shanti. Gidon had some tandoori fish that was very nicely spiced and worth another trip. His also came with a papadum, rice, and more of the same chutney, which disappointed us both although he got a little more worked up about it.

Shanti doubles as a bio store so we’ll have to time our next visit for when that is open. This was one of the few vegetarian venues in Brussels that we hadn’t tried yet (not sure there are any left, actually), so I’m pleased to say that it ranks with the other few out there – very well.

68 Ave Adolphe Buyl
1050 Ixelles
Tel. 02 649 40 96
Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner


Anonymous said...

"(not sure there are any left, actually)"

Don't worry there are still some left, you've not done Tsampa or Dolma yet. They are two of the only truely veggie restos in Brussels. There's also L'Element Terre which is almost veggie. In the same way that Shanti is.

I've nearly finished my veggie directory which will be launching soon (3 weeks?) so there'll be plenty of source material for you there.

Sharon said...

Indeed, I realize now that that didn't read right - I have tried L'Element Terre, Dolma, and Tsampa many times, I just haven't had a chance to write them up for this blog yet. I need to leave myself a little bit of material if I want to keep this blog going! Meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to your veggie directory - send me the link when you get it running and I can link to it here!

Xander said...

Check out the lunch daily special at Shanti (better than the evening menu) - in my opinion the best vegetarian lunch option in Brussels

Sharon said...

I don't get out for lunch often enough - I'll have to try Shanti one of these days at midday!