Monday, January 26, 2009

Best pizza in Brussels? Sì!

When it comes to pizza, there's been one clear resto at the top of my list for the last 4 years: Cosi Com'è. I was first taken there within about a month of arriving in Brussels - one of our Bruxellois friends introduced it to us as "the best pizza in Brussels," and I have yet to find a place that proves him wrong.

Pizza is a hotly debated topic and my friends from New York could easily get into a knock-down-drag-out fight with my Italian friends over what qualifies as true pizza. All I know is that the huge, thin pizzas that come out (slowly but surely) from Cosi Com'è's ovens are tasty as hell. Ask for their red pepper oil to give your pizza a nice extra kick.
In my past few visits I've also discovered their excellent pastas - they aren't listed on the menu but they are displayed beautifully where you first walk in and are definitely worth a try (their Raviolis aux Cepes is my personal fave). For those of you who prefer take-out, Cosi Com'è boasts one of the weirder attractions of Brussels: an outdoor pasta vending machine. I've never tried it but I suspect all their dishes are better when they come from behind the counter, and for take-out purposes, just phone your order in ahead of time.

As for the people behind the counter, they do leave something to be desired when it comes to service. Never come to Cosi Com'è if you are on a tight schedule, and don't be afraid to gently remind the waitstaff when they forget to bring your drink or anything else you've asked for. The decor is nothing special - fortunately they have expanded their seating area to include a pleasantly lit basement room, but reservations are still very strongly recommended on any night of the week. Stay patient, and I assure you the food is worth the wait.
Let me know your suggestions for quality pizza in Brussels - it's the easiest thing in the world for vegetarians and I'd love some suggestions.

Cosi Com'è
Place de l’Altitude Cent, 3
1190 Bruxelles
Tel : 02/ 345 48 09
Closed Mondays and weekend lunchtimes - and watch out for an epic summer closing in July/August


Alison said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog. I'm not a veggie but I love good food and enjoy trying new restaurants in Bxl. I've found a few on your blog that I will definitely have to try. I'm wondering if you've tried the Macrobiotic Resto, Soul. I love it and it has lots of great veggie options.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Alison! Indeed, Soul has been on my list and I tried to go there a few weeks ago but it was during the holidays and they were closed. They cannot defeat me! I will keep trying!

Any other suggestions most welcome.

Alison said...

There is also a nice little spot in Leuven called Lukemieke...very casual but tasty. I have a listing of some of my favorite places on my blog CheeseWeb as well. They aren't all veggie but most have veggie offerings :)