Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots of yum chez Lotus

Eating anywhere in the vicinity of the Sablon for less than an arm and a leg is well-nigh impossible. Not to mention that it's about 95% Belgian food (directions: cook food, add bacon, serve). So we're always a bit frustrated when we find ourselves in that neighborhood and hungry. This problem has been augmented by the subscription we took out to the Bozar this year for their chamber music series - good for the ears, bad for the stomach.

Imagine my glee when my frantic Googling turned up Lotus Bar. Main dishes for 15 eur? One block off the Sablon? Thai?!? Sign me up!

Be warned: they are short on veggie dishes. We ordered from the few available, which meant one order of vegetable pad thai, one order of vegetables cooked up in a spicy thai basic sauce, side of rice. There's a couple other things on the menu (by which I mean a "couple" - i.e. 2) that will feed a vegetarian, so it's far from ideal in the diversity department. But the two dishes we had were filling, tasty, served up quickly (in time to make it to our chamber music concert) and each around 12 eur. Hard to beat.

The decor is pleasant enough, although there's a bizarre dry-ice-smoky statue thing going on in the middle of the room. We ate early as pre-theater-goers, but the place was starting to fill up, and I gather that reservations may not be a bad idea since it's not a huge place. They also have a full bar and a long list of cocktails for those who like to spend 7-10 eur on a beverage (hence the "bar" of "Lotus Bar"). Also, they deliver.


Lotus Bar
12 Joseph Stevensstreet, Sablon
1000 Brussels
T 02/514.50.59
Opening hours: Lunches and dinners except for Saturday lunch; no delivery on Tuesdays


Alison said...

This sounds delish and close to my neck of the woods. I'll have to give it a try!

Sharon said...

Let me know what you think if you get a chance!