Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happiness is a Cupcake

Shame on me for hiding Lilicup from you! I covered Lilicup for Flanders Today back in May - when they were just two ladies baking cupcakes to order out of their home kitchen. At the time, they were looking to open their own cupcake shop, and I was thrilled to hear that they have finally managed it.

Cupcakes exploded in New York City a few years ago, partly thanks for a single "Sex and the City" episode. The fad was crept it's way around the globe and has now reached Brussels. But you won't exactly find a New York cupcake at Lilicup. The baking mistresses have adapted their cupcake recipes to a European palate - meaning a little smaller, a little less sweet. In my opinion, equally yummy.

These little delicacies come in a wide variety of flavors, and if you need a special flavor arranged, just talk to the owners. They use organic and natural ingredients whenever possible and the results are outstanding. You'll find typical flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, but also combinations like chocolate-orange or the almond-lemon cake with a raspberry buried inside. Of course there is a equally wide selection of frostings. Admittedly, these are not a cheap indulgence, but they are oh-so-worth it.Link
You can pop in the store for a quick sweet treat (they also offer brownies, cookies and more which I'm sure are excellent but that's not really the point, now is it?) but for take-away orders, call them 48 hours ahead. What a great way to celebrate a special occasion, add a romantic touch to a homemade meal, or treat your friends to a slightly unusual dessert.

65 rue du Page
1050 Brussels
Tel. 02 538 02 68
Open Tues-Fri from 10h-17h, and Sat from 10h-18h


SM said...

We visited this restaurant today and it was a nice and cosy setting. However, we felt it was a little over priced. Good for days when you have a serious craving for cup cakes.

Sharon said...

Indeed, it is a steep pricetag. But as you say, when you need a cupcake, you need a cupcake!

Miss Ashley said...

If you are looking for a real cupcake, then look no further than ilovecake.be. All cupcakes use organic ingredients, are made by an American, and are cheaper than Lilycup. But the price is not the important part, the taste is! They are delicious, come in a beautiful pink box, can be ordered in minis or regular size and can be delivered or picked up. The best treat to impress for an event.

Tania said...

I like Lilycup's store, but if you've ever had a REAL cupcake, these just don't do the trick. I just went to birthday party where they catered cupcakes from True Love Bakery Cupcakes. They are a small company and make cupcakes to order for events. I LOVED them, absolutely delicious, and they were gorgeous. I am going to have to order some for my "event" aka just for me to eat! I found their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/truelovebakery but haven't ordered my own batch yet. Will let you know when I do!

Sharon said...

Thanks Tania - seems like the cupcake industry in Brussels is booming!